Perfect by D.D Larsen

Perfect is the word that best describes Seryna. Beautiful, athletic and smart. Most people at her high school notice this about her, but she is introverted and blinded by her academic focus. It’s the reason her first date is on her senior year and it changes everything. Childhood friends scramble to declare their feelings for her at the threat of losing her to a mysterious man who is her new love interest. Do they succeed?

Perfect is a story about firsts. Seryna is dating for the first time and experiencing everything that goes with it for the first time. Her love interest, Kieran, enters her life through rather unusual circumstances. He is new in town and Seryna’s friends and family are wary of him at first. He is there on a secret mission, and that mission becomes another band playing in the symphony that is their love story.

In a short time Seryna will be leaving home for college. She will be going to college in Boulder city, but before that happens tragedy strikes in her home town. It leaves Seryna wondering whether the blueprint she has laid out for her life is worth following at all.

I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys romance novels with steamy erotic scenes in them. It won’t let you down. It is an erotic romance story set within a crime thriller.

I rate this 5 out of 5. I enjoyed every bit of the story, there was never a dull moment. It reminded of that magical time when I had my first taste of independence.

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An Interview With Anna M Holmes

Congratulations on publishing Blind Eye. What inspired you to write this book?

Thanks Maureen.

I am in a unique position to write about this subject. I love creating stories and my partner is a founder member of Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), promoting responsible forest management.I am in a unique position to write about this subject. I love creating stories and my partner is a founder member of Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), promoting responsible forest management.

15 years ago I wrote BLIND EYE as a screenplay, supported by Film Agency Wales. Via my partner’s contacts, I received advice from many specialists to ensure authenticity. Finding a producer was difficult, so I put the film project aside, then in 2020 I reworked the screenplay and submitted to Green Story screenplay competition where it was awarded joint-first prize. That was a great boost.

Having discovered how much I loved writing my first novel, WAYWARD VOYAGE, I decided to delve deeper into BLIND EYE and develop the story as a novel. I am grateful The Book Guild agreed to publish.

Vast swathes of rainforest have been destroyed since I was first inspired to write this story. It was important then, and so much more important now.

Is environmental conservation a subject that’s close to your heart?

My husband is far more involved than I am, both in local causes and international ones. I am a member of Climate Fiction Writers League. We can all use our skills and direct our energies in ways that are appropriate to us as individuals.

Do you support any conservation groups?

I am a member of Greenpeace and Friends of the Earth. I am a little like my character, Linda, before she became an radical activist when she talks of donating money to ‘coddle her conscience.’ So yeah, I donate to various causes. I have been impressed with one of our sons who volunteered for Sea Shepherd for various 3 month stints. I’ll claim that as family related ‘support’!

Are any of your characters inspired by real life people?

There is more than a touch of my husband’s ‘shortness of manner’ in Ben. That was deliberate! And Linda’s character was inspired by a friend – though she wouldn’t know that. I take bits and peaces from people and imagine the rest. There reaches a point when each of my characters takes on their own life and I can put them in a scene and allow them to improvise together. I know them pretty well.

In your opinion, what is the most effective method to stop environmental degradation?

As individuals we can eat less meat and fish to help the land recover and sea restock. In our household we’ve always been vegetarian – that’s our choice – but cutting back on meat will help. And being conscious of other choices we make – such as frequency of clothes we buy, using public transport, flying less, encourage recycling. All of these things make a difference to our planet without upturning our lives. I’m for keeping a balance.

Governments need to invest in renewal energy big time to reduce dependency on fossil fuels. Checking party political policies and directing our votes is something we can all do.

What other books have you written?

WAYWARD VOYAGE about pirate Anne Bonny is an historical novel set in the early 18th century. I first heard about real-life pirates Anne and Mary Read 20 years ago, and set about finding out more about them. I love researching and for this story, in addition to loads of reading and archival research I spent a week on a tall ship learning to handle ropes and go aloft. THE FIND is a contemporary fiction about a bog body discovery in Ireland. This will be published in October.

Do you write your books in the same fictional universe or are they unrelated?

Totally unrelated. I think I would get bored mining the same territory. I love world-building with each of my imagined worlds unique. And each of my novel genres is different though I am returning to historical fiction for book #4. This will be set at the end of the 19th century/ early 20th century London and Paris in the world of dance – a subject I have been longing to write about for years as my background is in dance.

What unifies my writing is big themes written in accessible ways. I aim for page-turners.
While being about pirates, WAYWARD VOYAGE squares up to the harsh realities of the colonial world. BLIND EYE addresses issues we all want to turn away from. THE FIND asks us to consider ‘what if…?’ about the body that is found.

Will there be a sequel to Blind Eye?

Oh no, no, no. BUT I would love Netflix or similar to do a mini-series on BLIND EYE. My screenplay is written and it would be a joy to adapt. I don’t have an agent and it is impossible for an individual writer to make headway with production companies. ideas welcome.

When did you realise you had a gift for writing?

Well thank you for that. I recall around the age of 10 filling exercise books with my story of children putting on a play. For many years my creative outlet went into dance – but shaping and blocking movement is not dissimilar to shaping words. Whatever the medium, it is about communicating with audiences. This is something I have always done. First as a radio journalist in New Zealand (where I grew up), then later as an arts manager in the UK devising policies and writing reviews to shape funding decisions.

I started writing screenplays 18 years ago, and haven’t stopped writing since. Novels are what I am poring myself into now and long may it last. I love it.

Where can your fans reach you and connect with you?

I want my website to be user friendly with information and links for book clubs. I am happy to set up a Zoom chat with book clubs if time zones allow. My email is on my website. I invite people to subscribe to my monthly newsletter. This is a chance for me to chat about book related things on my mind. I’m not very active on FB or Twitter but you will find me there.

FB @AnnaMHolmesWriter
T @AnnaMHolmes_

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Blind Eye by Anna M Holmes

Doctor Ben Fletcher has just been commissioned by the trade secretary’s office to undertake research on a government sponsored project in Indonesia. The purpose of this project is to boost trade between Indonesia and the UK for the benefit of both economies. Doctor Fletcher’s job is to report on the environmental sustainability of this project. He will be focusing on the rainforest acreage where a UK businessman has acquired a logging concession.

Across the pond in the United States, Linda Smith, founder of Direct Action for Earth (DAE), is planning a similar itinerary. The two adversaries will meet on Indonesian soil, one protecting business interests, the other protecting the rights of humans and all other creatures that dwell in the rainforest. Ben and Linda share the same conservationist goals, but their methods are vastly different.

Blind Eye is a thriller set in the rainforests of Indonesia. What starts out as a routine task for Ben is complicated by events out of his control. Ben selects his team and heads out to Indonesia only to have an extra team member forced on him by the Indonesian government. Soon after, he butts heads with Linda Smith who is set on undermining Ben’s mission and bending him to her will.

Ben’s report is meant to focus only on the acreage covered by the logging concession, but further afield illegal logging is taking place perpetrated by the same actors. He is just about ready to finalise his report and head back to the U.K when a tragedy occurs in his host village. He has no choice but to stay behind. In doing so he finds out that Linda’s claims about illegal logging are legitimate and the consequences devastating. Will Ben be brave enough to stand up to his employers?

This is a captivating thriller that will have you at the edge of your seat. The author masterfully builds tension in the plot that culminates in a satisfying resolution. The twists and turns are unexpected and the characters detailed enough to keep you invested. I rate this 5 out of 5. It is relevant to current affairs yet every bit as entertaining as a work of fiction with no anchor to reality.

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Heartbreak and Alleviation

Heartbreak and Alleviation is a collection of poems by Gabriella Russell. These are love poems describing what it’s like to be in love. The author goes into depth about the subject tackling topics such as self worth, heartbreak and the unparalleled feeling of loving someone who loves you just the same.

These were a beautiful trip back to my younger years. Everybody’s love life is different, but there is a shared commonality in our first dating experiences. Sadly, as we grow older it’s never quite as exhilarating. Maybe it’s the weight of responsibility or the novelty of being in a romantic relationship wearing off, but it’s never quite the same.

Gabriella beautifully captures the essence of young love in her poems. If you’d like to re-live the youthful urgency of matters of the heart, then this is the book for you. It’s a short read and is available in paperback and e-book format.

This would make the perfect companion on a long commute. Grab yourself a copy on amazon.

Free ARC copies available for a limited time.

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An Interview with E.F Dodd

Congratulations on publishing Risky Restoration, is this a debut release?

Thank you so much! Yes, this is my first published novel.

How long has this book been in the making?

That’s hard to say, because if you judge that question for how long this idea has been rambling around in my brain – the answer is years! If you’re asking how long since I started clicking away on the keyboard – well, the answer is still years! The good news is that once I tested the waters with this one it confirmed writing is something I really enjoy, so book two – Earning It – will be released late summer (fingers crossed)! It’s Rae’s story, so if you enjoyed meeting her character in Risky Restoration, I guarantee you’ll love her book!

What inspired the names of your characters?

Kesler is a family name for me, so that one was easy. Rae is the nickname of a very, very close friend of mine and the character is based loosely on an amalgamation of so many of my friends. The rest of the names in the book just seemed to fit the mood/vibe of the character.

Will there be a sequel to this book?

Yes! Earning It is Rae’s story and will be released in late summer in both e-book and paperback!

Kez was making big plans for Miller, would you ever find yourself in a similar situation?

Anyone who’s ever been in love, especially in their early twenties, has big plans for where that love will take them and their partner. We’ve all had that one relationship – some might still be in it – where you picture your life unfolding with that person and you see your future intrinsically woven together with theirs.

Which of your characters do you relate to the most?

That’s tough, but I’d have to say I relate the most to either Kez or Rae. Rae is a little less filtered than I try to be, but she’s the best type of friend to have because she’s going to shoot straight with you all the time – even when you don’t want to hear it. Kez is easy to relate to for me as well, because she’s very hesitant to widen her inner circle and slow to trust anyone or anything. I tend to always look for the catch, or figure out why something is too good to be true just like she does.

What was the hardest chapter to write?

Kez and Jackson’s big fight was the most difficult for me, because I wanted them to be together SO badly and was so invested in their happily ever after. I hate that part in romance novels, even though I know it’s essential to the story. It still hurts! And I also had to be careful not to make either Jackson or Miller too horrible, because then why would Kez have chosen either of them? Toeing the line of being mean/angry, but not TOO mean/angry is very difficult and requires a lot of rewrites.

Did you always know what the ending would be or did it take you by surprise?

I did, but how they got there was somewhat of a surprise to me.

What was the hardest part of your publishing journey?

The constant rejections! Query after query after query being shot down through the form “this just isn’t for me” letter is a very difficult thing to stomach when you’ve worked so hard and invested so much time into something. You think, “Why isn’t it for you? What’s wrong with it?” Publishing this novel and getting the positive reviews from readers, editors, bloggers and professional publications has helped me see that even if it’s not the right fit for an agent, Risky Restoration IS a great fit for romance readers and that’s what’s important!

Where can your fans reach you and connect with you?

I’m on Instagram – @e.f.dodd and have a website – I also have a Facebook page – @efdoddwrites. My e-mail is

Instagram is my favorite, since it’s the easiest way to share pictures of my dog and tends to be a little less political/snarky than Facebook.

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Risky Restoration by E.F Dodd

Have you ever broken up with someone and couldn’t find closure after the fact? That’s exactly what Kez is going through after she broke up with her college sweetheart, Miller. However, there is no love lost between Miller and Kez’s best friends, Vivian and Rae. They never liked him very much.

In a grand gesture to finally close the door on the past, Kez plans a trip to Miller’s hometown. She has it on good authority that he’s engaged now. She wants to see the cosy couple up close and maybe it will finally click that there’s no possibility of ever getting back together with Miller. Rae and V tag along.

Risky Restoration is a romcom filled with intrigue and suspense. Kez and her friends are very daring. From planning to crash an ex’s highschool reunion and even daring to spy on him before the event. Things could have gone wrong so many times, but the trio has enough wit to get out of tricky situations.

The author is a masterful storyteller. I enjoyed all of the trio’s antics and the flashbacks on Kez and Miller’s lovestory. Everything came together beautifully to build an engaging story. You won’t want to miss the twists and turns in this tale. I rate this 5 out of 5 and recommend it to all romance lovers.

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An Interview with D.B Wright, Author of Girl on a Swing

Congratulations on publishing, Girl on a Swing, was this book inspired by true events?

Thank you. The book is inspired by true accounts from a case study which I used as a baseline for the story. The subject matter is also close to my heart having been a sufferer of domestic violence and abuse as a child. The character Molly is based on someone I knew many years ago.

Do you think our current statistics on child abuse are anywhere near accurate?

In my opinion statistics are very unreliable due to a number of factors including political inconvenience. I believe we need to define abuse better in order to make statistical studies more worthwhile. Gathering statistics is one thing, but understanding and applying policy based on them is just as important.

Why do you think more people don’t try to rescue children out of abusive homes?

In my opinion, there is a disconnect between reporting concerns and actually provoking action. There have been so many tragic cases where investigation uncovered that family members or friends had raised concerns several times but no intervention was undertaken. Authorities often fail to act in time, or feel powerless to act at all. I think the lack of perceived intervention leads people to think reporting is pointless. We need to fix that quickly.

In what category would you place abusive parents, do you consider them sick or demonic?

This is a great question which depends on how how literally we take the word ‘demonic.’ Personally, I do not believe in such things as demons, but they are a very powerful image to compare against such cruelty. In the story I use the analogies of beasts and demons to really accentuate the point that these kinds of people are inhuman to us. In reality, a number of factors and nuances are involved with child abuse, including sickness. I would say that the extremity of abuse described in my story can only be perpetrated by the evil or deranged persons; and it’s worth noting that the abuse depicted in my story is of the very extreme end of the scale.

What kind of safeguards can we put in place to truly protect children?

We need more direct funding to child protection and more focus on broad prevention rather than a reactive system. I would love to see a system where ALL family units are subject to regular checks on health, mental health, and potential neglect. We really need to define risk better and act swiftly and firmly where risk exists. Sadly, politicians do not see abuse as a priority as it’s not a subject which will win votes. This means funding remains lower than it should be.

Is there a sequel to this book, if not will you ever write one?

It’s interesting that you ask that question. There is no sequel but I do have plans to expand the story in to full length Novel. I have the concept mapped out, and will be starting the project next year.

What other books have you written?

I have published two poetry collections:
‘Works of Friction’
‘Mind Lesions’

I have also just published an epic Celtic Mythology story, ‘The Ballad of Tommy McGavin.’ It’s a fantasy tale with gods, giant beasts, witches, flying fish, humorous characters and plenty of heart.

My next project is a full length novel, ‘Meticulous’ which should be released early next year.

What advice would you give someone currently going through what Molly went through?

Know that the world is mostly good people, not monsters. There are people who can, and will, help you. Reach out to someone as soon as you can. Know that it is NOT your fault; abuse is the fault of the abuser.

Are you part of a writting community?

I am very active in online writing community pages on both Facebook and Instagram. We share and feature new writers, share prompts and support each other’s writing. I also host regular ‘Live shows’ on both platforms where we do everything from reading people’s poetry or prose, through to interviews and special events.

I am also part of an offline writing & reading group local to my home town, and I often perform my poetry at live events.

Where can your fans reach you and connect with you?

I’m very active and responsive on social media-
Instagram: d.b.writes or @Danny_Boy_Books
Facebook: dannyboywrites
Tiktok: dannyboywrites
Twitter: D_B_Wright

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Girl on a Swing by D.B Wright

Another day dawns and Molly is yet again running for safety. Her life is full of pain and violence inflicted by her own father. This time she ends up in the deceptively beautiful garden of their unwelcoming home. There she remembers all the painful memories of growing up with abusive parents.

Girl on a Swing is a horror novel about the cycle of abuse. A brutish farmer together with his wife and accomplice, abuse their children violently and isolate them from the outside world. Their only window to the outside is the television and even that can be used as a torture device.

In this book, Molly recalls the events of her life up until her adulthood. She’s at a crossroads and can’t decide whether to stay or to run away and never come back. There is nothing left to hold her back anymore, but she fears that the darkness that tortured her all these years finally made it’s way inside. Will the world be kinder than the cruel home she grew up in?

This is a violent horror that rings true to the experiences of many people who grew up in abusive homes. Granted Molly’s father was more violent than most, the twisted pleasure these sort of people extract from torturing their children is just the same.

I rate this 5 out of 5 and recommend it to anyone in search of insight on the topic of parental abuse. It’s not in the nature of abusers to apologise or even acknowledge their evil deeds so this story might prove validating to anyone who’s gone through the same. Sad as it may be, this is a survivor’s tale.

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An Interview with T.D Kuchel

What was the inspiration behind The Passage of Conquest?

12 years ago I boarded a plane for the Whitsundays with my girlfriend of 4 months and an engagement ring in my pocket.
I had been reading more books than usual but began to find them predictable and un-original.
During the week that followed my fiance and I sailed and hiked to every location in the Whitsundays.
It was during a sunset sailing venture that suddenly the entire plot for The Passage of Conquest came to mind.

How long has this book been in the making?

12 years.

What inspired the names of your characters?

Gisele, Delilah and Panelli were the names I had in mind to name my daughters. My wife didn’t like them, so they instantly became my character’s names.
The other names seem to come to me right whenow I need them, like the story telling itself.

What is your target audience for this book?

Everyone above 13 years old.

Should we expect a sequel?

Definitely, it’s the first instalment of a trilogy.

Have you ever experienced writer’s block?

No, it’s all there, but finding time can be difficult.

Is this a debut release or have you written other books before?

This is my Debut novel.

Would you ever consider using a pen name?

Only my initial’s, T. D. Kuchel.

Without giving any spoilers, which was the hardest chapter to write?

Chapter 1, because it was re-written more times than I can remember.

Where can your fans reach you and connect with you?

Instagram@tdkuchel or email

The Passage of Conquest by T.D Kuchel will be out on the 15th of April. You can preorder a copy on amazon.

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The Passage of Conquest by T.D Kuchel

Giselle and her friends are waiting by the dock for uncle Edmond’s white yatch. He’s hosting a cruise to celebrate his sixtieth birthday and they’re all excited to go. They don’t wait too long at the dock before a handsome stranger approaches Giselle claiming to have special instructions from uncle Edmond.

Uncle Edmond supposedly now owns a ship and Nickolas, the handsome stranger with an Australian accent, is his first mate. Giselle isn’t too trusting, but the group is soon shepherded into the ship thanks to Panelli’s instant chemistry with Nickolas.

The Passage of Conquest is an adventure tale set in antiquity. It captures the oldworld charm of a slower paced life. This is true up until the unexpected storm after which the story morphs into a fast paced thriller that will have you at the edge of your seat.

The story is told in the third person and the plot builds steadily to a climax. The characters are well rounded and believable. The main character, Giselle, appealed to me the most, but every other character does their part to move the story foward. All the twists and turns and moments of suspense will have you guessing at what’s coming next.

I rate this 5 out of 5 and recommend it to all adventure lovers. Although it is a work of fiction, it insersects with known myths and legends about the ocean and offers a fresh perspective on what might be out there. This would make a great T.V series.

This book will be released on the 15th of April. You can pre-order a copy on amazon.

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An Interview with J.V Hilliard

Congratulations on publishing The Last Keeper. Is this book a debut release?

Yes, it is the first in the Warminster Series and readers can expect book two, Vorodin’s Lair, to be released in the summer of 2022, followed by the third, The Trillias Gambit by year’s end 2022.

What was the inspiration behind this book?

Writing has been a passion since I was a child. In elementary school I was read The Hobbit by Tolkien in one of my English classes and the story opened my eyes to the fantasy world (and genre) in general.

That Christmas I received my own copy of The Hobbit from my uncle—and the basic box set of TSR’s Dungeons & Dragons game. My family started playing the game and from that time on, my love of all things sword and sorcery grew.

Over the years, I started to memorialize certain characters, campaigns, and unforgettable moments from my time as a player character and as a dungeon master in small, campaign-specific diaries. This collection of adventures and stories became the basis for many of the protagonists and villains in The Last Keeper—and make up various parts of the realm of Warminster.

How did you come up with the names of the characters?

Many of my character names were generated by old Dungeons & Dragons characters, used by my friends and family. Others were names I generated that I thought would fit the genre well or helped to define cultures or described various areas of the realm of Warminster.

Which of the characters do you relate with the most?

Sir Ritter of Valkeneer, as he is an adaptation of one of my old Dungeons & Dragons characters. I “played” him to a high level, enjoyed his story arc and thus weaving that into the Last Keeper was a quick fit.

And who doesn’t like a Aragorn-style ranger in their fantasy adventure? I see him much in the same vein.

People claim they’ve sighted big foot or seen a mermaid. In your opinion, is there a chance that mythical creatures exist?

Most legends and lore have some basis in fact, and many of the more popular ones like vampires, ghosts and even Big Foot have cross-culture similarities.

Today’s cryptozoologists often find new species each year and in some cases can track the sources of them back through myths (like prehistoric sturgeons for the Loch Ness monster). These discoveries aren’t monsters, per se, but it shows that even in this day and age, we still don’t know every creature that inhabits earth and we learn more every year.

To quote the great fantasy novelist, R.A. Salvatore, “No, I would not want to live in a world without dragons, as I would not want to live in a world without magic, for that is a world without mystery, and that is a world without faith.”

How long has this book been in the making?

I started it when I had some downtime at the outbreak of COVID, but really it is a culmination of 20 years of table top role playing campaigns. I would say it’s been twenty years in the making, and now with the momentum off of the Last Keeper, the rest of the series will be released within a year.

Did you imagine yourself in any of the characters?

Yes, in most. For example, the inspiration for Daemus Alaric came from a set of recurring nightmares I had as a teenager, much like him. His are more derived from divine intervention, sent as ill omen by his Ancient, Erud. Mine were more reality based, but I had a “visitor” who claimed to be my guardian angel and was appearing in my dreams to help me, which he didn’t.

I was able to take a real life experience and tell a more interesting, more terrifying and more fantastical tale from it in the Last Keeper.

What should we expect from your next release?

Vorodin’s Lair will be a continuation of the Last Keeper, taking the adventurers on a harrowing flight from Castleshire to the scholar city of Abacus, in the hopes of solving the riddles presented to Daemus by Erud, his Ancient.

Meanwhile, the fallen Keeper, Graytorris the Mad, returns to the realm and continues his hunt for Daemus, rolling out his plot of revenge against the Cathedral of the Watchful Eye.

Are you part of a writing community?

Yes, I share a weekly check in with my former classmates from a local community college and I also meet monthly with a small group of authors that all share work with each other for ideas, beta reading and critiques in the hopes of making all of our books better.

Where can your fans reach you and connect with you?

Twitter: @jvhilliardbooks
Insta: JVHilliardbooks
FB: J. V. Hilliard

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