The Spy Within by Caron Allan

In her latest adventure, Dottie has just ended her engagement to Gervase Parfitt for his apparent abandonment when she was held behind bars. William reaches out to her to help him investigate Gervase. Gervase is suspected of abusing his position as the assistant chief constable.

Dottie would rather not get back together with Gervase, but she is eager to help William. Both their love lives seem not be going too well with Dottie getting back together with Gervase and William being engaged to Moira, the girl who abandoned him when he lost his inheritance.

At a casual glance, nothing seems suspicious about Gervase. Everything he does has a reasonable explanation. Dottie doesn’t know what to look for or who to talk to about Gervase. His known vices rule him out as a suitable spouse for Dottie, but that is hardly enough to have him incarcerated.

Mrs Sedgworth and Gervase’s secretary, Mrs Holcombe, definitely know something, but it might not be in their best interests to betray Gervase. How long can Dottie carry on investigating Gervase behind his back?

The Spy Within is a crime thriller set in the thirties. It transported me to a time when life was simpler and modesty standards were much higher. Everyone agrees that William and Dottie are well suited for each other, but their love story never takes center stage, there is always more urgent business to tend to.

The Spy Within is the sixth book in a seven part series. However, the story stands on it’s own. You would be able to understand it and enjoy it without reading its prequel. I rate it 5 out of 5 for the masterful story telling, compelling narrative and authors ability to match the language to the era in which the book is set.

All Caron Allan’s books are available on Amazon.

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