Legends of Lighting by T.R Slauf

Esther, a young librarian, is living life passively with her adoring cat and her small circle of friends. One day she receives a first edition copy of a book written by the brothers Grimm to translate. This is part of her job, but bizarre things happen everytime she opens the book.

Everytime she reads it she falls into a deep sleep and wakes up many hours later. What she doesn’t know is that she is transcending to another realm using the book. At first she is in denial about her abilities until her father reveals her true identity to her. Sadly, he dies shortly after and Esther decides to travel in body and spirit to the realm that keeps on calling to her.

It is her destiny to return to the realm where she was born and save her people. Esther is faced with many dangers, but she is not without a helper. Oisin, an experienced huntsman, is her mentor and guide. He protects her during and after her training as a huntsman.

Legends of Lighting is a thrilling science fiction adventure tale filled with action and suspense. The book starts at a high note and keeps the pace. It is a marriage between folklore and known history. The author paints a vivid picture of the medieval past with its abundance of nature and enchanted ambience. The story takes place in a kingdom surrounded by a forest full of magical creatures, some of them deadly.

I rate this 5 out of 5. Princess stories were alright while we were young, but this is the backstory that adults deserve. Legends of Lighting captures the essence of many fairy tales and masterfully weaves them into one.

Grab yourself a copy on amazon.

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