Gotham Kitty by Ann Greyson

On the slopes of Mt. Meru, Tanzania, Allison Banes witnesses an alien spacecraft crashing. Luckily, she finds a survivor and takes it home with her before she is discovered by park rangers. They would no doubt keep the alien as a study specimen.

Allison has a background in primotology and can immediately tell that the alien is a female with both human and cat qualities. She doesn’t speak any human languages, but is a fast learner and deciphers the meaning of various words that Alison uses continually. Allison decides to name her Kitty because of her cat like qualities.

Only three people see the site of the spacecraft’s crash, but rumours are spreading fast. First, Geoffrey Mkama, the head park ranger, gives the news to his teenage daughter who tells her best friend who tells it to the Chagga chief. From that point onwards the news spreads wide because of a Chagga prophecy that is linked to the arrival of an alien.

The Chagga people have been awaiting her arrival since the day Mt.Meru last erupted killing many villagers. Their God, Ruwa, placed a curse on the tribe and released an evil spirit who kills them and entraps their souls. The chief has tasked the elders to find Kitty so they could perform a cleansing ritual to end the curse. However, they are not the only ones looking for Kitty. Kwami Amutulah, a poacher who moonlights as a tour guide is in hot pursuit. The evil spirit has been stalking would be captors of the alien and Kwame is his favourite to capture Kitty. The tribe offers him a reward for the safe capture and hand over of Kitty, but Kwame thinks he can fetch a better price for her on the black market.

Gotham Kitty is a suspenseful Sci-Fi thriller about a lone alien survivor in a fatal crash that kills her captors, another species of aliens. Neither she or they had any intention of landing on planet earth, but she couldn’t have found a better sanctuary than Tanzania.

I rate this 5 out of 5. Once again, Ann Greyson has applied her masterful storytelling to bring her characters to life. The imagery transports you to the African savannah and paints a vivid picture of life on a game park. The story steadily gains momentum with every new character and reaches a satisfying climax at the end.

Grab yourself a copy on amazon.

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