An Interview with E.F Dodd

Congratulations on publishing Risky Restoration, is this a debut release?

Thank you so much! Yes, this is my first published novel.

How long has this book been in the making?

That’s hard to say, because if you judge that question for how long this idea has been rambling around in my brain – the answer is years! If you’re asking how long since I started clicking away on the keyboard – well, the answer is still years! The good news is that once I tested the waters with this one it confirmed writing is something I really enjoy, so book two – Earning It – will be released late summer (fingers crossed)! It’s Rae’s story, so if you enjoyed meeting her character in Risky Restoration, I guarantee you’ll love her book!

What inspired the names of your characters?

Kesler is a family name for me, so that one was easy. Rae is the nickname of a very, very close friend of mine and the character is based loosely on an amalgamation of so many of my friends. The rest of the names in the book just seemed to fit the mood/vibe of the character.

Will there be a sequel to this book?

Yes! Earning It is Rae’s story and will be released in late summer in both e-book and paperback!

Kez was making big plans for Miller, would you ever find yourself in a similar situation?

Anyone who’s ever been in love, especially in their early twenties, has big plans for where that love will take them and their partner. We’ve all had that one relationship – some might still be in it – where you picture your life unfolding with that person and you see your future intrinsically woven together with theirs.

Which of your characters do you relate to the most?

That’s tough, but I’d have to say I relate the most to either Kez or Rae. Rae is a little less filtered than I try to be, but she’s the best type of friend to have because she’s going to shoot straight with you all the time – even when you don’t want to hear it. Kez is easy to relate to for me as well, because she’s very hesitant to widen her inner circle and slow to trust anyone or anything. I tend to always look for the catch, or figure out why something is too good to be true just like she does.

What was the hardest chapter to write?

Kez and Jackson’s big fight was the most difficult for me, because I wanted them to be together SO badly and was so invested in their happily ever after. I hate that part in romance novels, even though I know it’s essential to the story. It still hurts! And I also had to be careful not to make either Jackson or Miller too horrible, because then why would Kez have chosen either of them? Toeing the line of being mean/angry, but not TOO mean/angry is very difficult and requires a lot of rewrites.

Did you always know what the ending would be or did it take you by surprise?

I did, but how they got there was somewhat of a surprise to me.

What was the hardest part of your publishing journey?

The constant rejections! Query after query after query being shot down through the form “this just isn’t for me” letter is a very difficult thing to stomach when you’ve worked so hard and invested so much time into something. You think, “Why isn’t it for you? What’s wrong with it?” Publishing this novel and getting the positive reviews from readers, editors, bloggers and professional publications has helped me see that even if it’s not the right fit for an agent, Risky Restoration IS a great fit for romance readers and that’s what’s important!

Where can your fans reach you and connect with you?

I’m on Instagram – @e.f.dodd and have a website – I also have a Facebook page – @efdoddwrites. My e-mail is

Instagram is my favorite, since it’s the easiest way to share pictures of my dog and tends to be a little less political/snarky than Facebook.

Grab yourself a copy of Risky Restoration on amazon.

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