Risky Restoration by E.F Dodd

Have you ever broken up with someone and couldn’t find closure after the fact? That’s exactly what Kez is going through after she broke up with her college sweetheart, Miller. However, there is no love lost between Miller and Kez’s best friends, Vivian and Rae. They never liked him very much.

In a grand gesture to finally close the door on the past, Kez plans a trip to Miller’s hometown. She has it on good authority that he’s engaged now. She wants to see the cosy couple up close and maybe it will finally click that there’s no possibility of ever getting back together with Miller. Rae and V tag along.

Risky Restoration is a romcom filled with intrigue and suspense. Kez and her friends are very daring. From planning to crash an ex’s highschool reunion and even daring to spy on him before the event. Things could have gone wrong so many times, but the trio has enough wit to get out of tricky situations.

The author is a masterful storyteller. I enjoyed all of the trio’s antics and the flashbacks on Kez and Miller’s lovestory. Everything came together beautifully to build an engaging story. You won’t want to miss the twists and turns in this tale. I rate this 5 out of 5 and recommend it to all romance lovers.

Grab yourself a copy on amazon.

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